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The fee charged for the legal services rendered or the method of its determination is subject to agreement between the lawyer and the client before the lawyer accepts the legal representation task at all times. The price is based on the complexity and severity of the legal service concerned, both in terms of its professional demands and the required time as well as the value of the matter at hand.

The lawyer mainly provides the legal service on the basis of a contractual fee as agreed between the lawyer and the client. The lawyer's fee for the legal services provided is regulated under Decree No 177/1996 Coll., concerning lawyers' fees and compensations for the legal services rendered (the Lawyers' Tariff).

Legal consultancy and advisory services are charged with the rate of CZK 2,000 for each begun hour of the legal service provided. The rate may be reduced in exceptional circumstances depending on the nature of the matter; on the contrary, if a foreign language or a foreign law is applied, or for extraordinarily complicated matters, the consultancy rate may be increased.

Specific discounts off the price of the legal services provided may be agreed for long-term partnerships, or a fixed fee may be established for legal services provided over a certain period of time, subject to an agreed volume of the legal services.

The lawyer's fee may be agreed upon with the client as follows:

  • As a fee to be charged for the actual legal service rendered, according to the number of specific legal services provided by the lawyer, with the lawyer's tariff defining the scope of a legal service
  • As a fee based on the value of the article being the subject of the legal service rendered
  • As a fixed fee for arranging the entire matter regardless of the time spent and the complexity and severity of the legal service rendered
  • Jas a fee charged for a certain recurring time period (an hourly rate ranging between CZK 1,500 and 2,500 for each begun hour of the legal service provided, depending on its complexity)
JUDr. Jan Szewczyk

JUDr. Jan Szewczyk is committed, in the long run, to maintaining a high professional and quality level and standard of the services provided, combining flexibility, a rapidly evolving Czech Law Practice with a broad range of contacts and his outstanding knowledge of the Czech law.

All staff members and external lawyers cooperating with the Legal Practice are committed to meeting the moral rules and principles, the Advocacy Law and the professional rules of the Czech Bar Association, respecting the confidentiality of any information obtained, protecting legitimate interests of each client and eliminating any risks that could jeopardise the priorities in any way.

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