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Thanks to the extensive experience of its lawyers and advisors, the Law Practice provides its clients with a broad range of services, first-class professional expertise and awareness of the local commercial and political environment and the dynamically evolving legal system, which, compared to that of the so-called old EU Member States, exhibits a much higher degree of dynamism with regard to the process of creating new legislation, as well as some other differences. The services provided by the Law Practice cover a broad range of mutually intertwined specialised areas, which provides for comprehensive and coordinated advisory services for the Law Practice's clients.

Areas covered by the legal services provided:

Representation in court and arbitration disputes and administrative proceedings

Business law and corporate law

  • Establishing companies and cooperatives, other legal entities and introducing changes
  • Representing clients in proceedings before the register court
  • Preparation of documents for the General Meeting of their actions
  • Representing clients in General Meetings
  • Drafting and analysing agreements subject to corporate law
  • Producing lawsuits, out-of-court arrangements, positions on lawsuits related to commercial disputes
  • Representing clients in commercial disputes at courts and arbitrators

Criminal law

  • Representing clients in preliminary criminal proceedings
  • Defense of clients in court proceedings
  • Drafting criminal complaints and representing the aggrieved parties in criminal proceedings

Civil law

  • Drafting agreements and conducting legal analyses of agreements including legal consultancy
  • Deposit law
  • Certification of signature authenticity
  • Drafting lawsuits
  • Representing clients in civil disputes at courts and arbitrators
  • Inheritance proceedings
  • Representing clients as regards the enforcement of decisions, enforcement proceedings and insolvency proceedings

Family law

  • Drafting divorce petitions and representing clients in divorce proceedings
  • Settlement of marital property
  • Regulating relationships to minor children
  • Maintenance disputes
  • Representing clients in proceedings regarding the determination and denial of paternity

Labour law

Administrative law

  • Alien law, asylum, residence permits for foreign nationals, citizenship, infractions law
  • Representing clients in land registry proceedings
  • Representing clients in administrative proceedings with state administration and self-administration authorities
  • Representing clients in administrative justice

Bankrutpcy law

Alien law

Intellectual property and unfair competition

Mergers, acquisitions, transformations and restructuring of enterprises and corporations

Public procurement and public support

Real property and construction

Representation before the Constitutional Court, human rights

  • Drafting constitutional complaints
  • Representing clients in proceedings before the Constitutional Court
JUDr. Jan Szewczyk

JUDr. Jan Szewczyk JUDr. Jan Szewczyk is committed, in the long run, to maintaining a high professional and quality level and standard of the services provided, combining flexibility, a rapidly evolving Czech Law Practice with a broad range of contacts and his outstanding knowledge of the Czech law

All staff members and external lawyers cooperating with the Legal Practice are committed to meeting the moral rules and principles, the Advocacy Law and the professional rules of the Czech Bar Association, respecting the confidentiality of any information obtained, protecting legitimate interests of each client and eliminating any risks that could jeopardise the priorities in any way.

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